Share Content from your Library

You can share content that you have access to with other users and groups. Your ability to share specific types of content depends on the groups that you are assigned to and your assigned access levels.

Three access levels are supported:

  • List. View the item.
  • Create. Add, edit, or view the item.
  • Admin. Perform all functions related to the item.

When you share, you can assign an access level that is equal to or less than your own access level. For example, if you have List access to a playbook, you can give List access to the playbook to others. If you have Create access, you can give Create or List access to others, and if you have Admin access, you can give Admin, Create, or List access to others.

  1. To open the sharing settings, go to any of the content library pages under My Library on the side menu.
  2. Find the item you want to share, click the More icon (...) for the item, and select Share. (You might need to widen your browser window to see the icon on the right.)
  1. In the Share dialog, start typing the names of the user or group that you want to share the item with. A list of matching items appears as you type.
  1. Select an item to add it. Add additional users and groups as needed.
  2. Select the desired access level for each from the dropdown list for the item.
  1. Some users and groups might already have sharing access based on other permissions, such as permission on a parent folder that contains the folder with the current item or permission that is based on file ownership. To view the other permissions that are assigned, click View other permissions.

  2. Click Save.
    The entity is now accessible by the user and groups that you shared with.

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