Search for Cases

To search for cases, open the Case Management > Cases page.

The basic search filters are shown at the top of the page. For the advanced search option, see Advanced Case Search.



To select the case columns that are displayed on the page, click Columns above and to the right of the columns list. All standard and custom columns are listed.

After selecting the columns to display, you can reorder columns by pressing your cursor over a column header and dragging the column to the new location. The changes persist if you log out and log in again.

To return to the original column arrangement, click Columns and select Reset.

For a basic search, select values from the dropdown filter lists.

  • Select multiple values for an AND match.
  • Clear selections for an individual filter from the filter dropdown list or for all the filters by clicking the Clear link.

When you select filter values, the list updates to reflect your selections.

Save a Search

  1. Click Save in the search area.
  2. Name the search and click Save.
  3. To display the saved search, click Saved Searches in the search area and select the search you want to display.

Modify a Search

  • To update an existing search, change the search definition and click Save.
  • To save the search under a different name, click Save As New.

Download the List of Cases Found in a Search

To download the results of a search, click Download as CSV on the gray action bar.

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