Quick Actions

The Quick Actions window allows you to run commands and integrations directly in a terminal style window without having to run them from within a case.



To view or run commands from the Quick Action window, you must be in a Group that has Command permission. For more information, see Manage Users.

Select Quick Actions from the side menu.
To select and enter a command, enter / in the bottom entry area. To select and enter an integration, enter ! in the bottom entry area.
A selection list appears. Scroll to find and select the command or integration. Add characters to filter the list to the matching selections.

The command or integration you select is added to the entry area, and you are prompted to enter any parameters.

After completing the command or integration as prompted, press Return to execute and display the results. To hide the results, click Hide Results and to show them again, click Show Results.

Use the controls in the upper right corner to expand, minimize, or close the Quick Actions window.

If you run multiple commands or integrations, the command and integration history is retained in the window and preserved when the window is closed and then reopened.

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