Group Limitations

Keep these limitations in mind when working with groups.

  • Don't use the run task option for task steps that are in a group. Doing so can cause unpredictable results for your playbook. If you want to run a task that is in a group, deconstruct the group, run the task, and then recreate the group.
  • In the expanded view, you can click the input step (shown in blue in the expanded view) to see what data is flowing into the group. However, if the input to a group (Mod2 in the following figure) is another group (Mod1 in the following figure), the results won't load successfully. To avoid this problem and still be able to see what data is flowing into the second group, you can add a computation step (Passthrough in the following figure) between the two group that simply passes the data through.

Use this query for the Passthrough step: select * from Mod1
Then when you expand Mod2, you can click the input step (Passthrough) and see the results that are flowing into Mod2.

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