Manage your LogicHub License

Your LogicHub license determines the limits on the number of users, step, playbooks, and streams you can create and use.

To manage your LogicHub License:

  • Go to The Settings > Account > License Manager to view the license type and term. It also displays your current usage relative to the allowed maximum for your license type:

    • Users. Current number of user accounts.
    • Steps. Current number of steps across all playbooks and all account users.
    • Playbooks. Current number of playbooks across all your account users.
    • Streams and baselines. Current number of combined streams and baselines.
    • Step execution count. Maximum number of steps that can be executed during each 24-hour period. Every day at UTC midnight, the step execution count is reset to zero.
  • A step is executed each time the following occurs:

    • The step is selected for the first time in the playbook designer. This action causes the step and any steps above it to execute. The step can be selected again during the same playbook designer session without re-execution unless the time interval has changed.
    • A stream or batch is executed on the playbook. If a stream or batch cannot be executed due to the step execution limit, an error is displayed on the Streams Batch page.

The page also displays your license type and the term of your license. You can renew your license any time prior to expiration. If your license expires before it is renewed, you’re downgraded to the free version. You won’t lose any existing data, but if the limits for the free license have been exceeded, you’ll need to reinstate the purchased license before you can continue creating and executing playbook. To reinstate your purchased license, contact LogicHub.

Upload a License File

To activate a purchased license, upload it to LogicHub. Click Browse on the License Manager page and select the license zip file that LogicHub provided to you. As soon as the new license is uploaded, the license limits take effect.

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