Google Safebrowsing

Safe Browsing is a Google service that lets client applications check URLs against Google's constantly updated lists of unsafe web resources.

Integration with LogicHub

Connecting with Google Safebrowsing

To connect to Google Safebrowsing following details are required:

  • Label: Connection name.
  • Reference Values: Define variables here to templatize integration connections and actions. For example, you can use https://www.{{hostname}}.com where, hostname is a variable defined in this input. For more information on how to add data, see 'Add Data' Input Type for Integrations.
  • API Key: The API key to connect to Google Safebrowsing.

Actions with Google Safebrowsing

URL Scan

Submits a URL to Google Safebrowsing for lookup against their threat intelligence database. Based off of the results, automate how Incident Response is handled.

Inputs to this Action:

  • Connections: Choose a connection that you have created.
  • Column Name: Select the column name from parent table to lookup value for.

Output of Action:
JSON containing the following items:

  • has_error: True/False
  • error: message/null
  • result: Success/Failure message
   "error": "Error in request to Google Safebrowsing: 400",
   "has_error": true

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