Export and Import Dashboards

LogicHub allows you to export a dashboard in JSON format and to import a dashboard from a previously exported file or from the automation library.

Export a Dashboard

To export a dashboard in JSON format, open the dashboard or select My Library > Dashboards from the side menu. Click the More icon (...) for the dashboard and select Download. The dashboard JSON file downloads to your local system.

To export a dashboard report in PDF format, open the dashboard and select Download Report or select My Library > Dashboards, click the More icon (...) for the dashboard, and select Download as PDF. The PDF report downloads to your local system.

Import a Dashboard from a File

  1. To import a previously exported dashboard, open the My Library > Dashboards page and do one of the following:
  • Drag the JSON file to the page.
  • Click Import.

The items that the dashboard requires to display all its data (playbooks, connections, streams) are listed as dependencies.

  1. Any items that have naming conflicts with existing items are indicated as requiring resolution. Click Resolve and select whether to replace the existing item in the system with the imported one of the same name or to rename the imported item so that both are kept. If you select to rename the item, you are prompted to enter a new name. When the dependencies are resolved, click Next to review them and make any changes.
  2. Click Submit.
    The dashboard is imported and now available for selection on the Dashboards page.

Import a Dashboard from the Automation Library

You can import a dashboard from the automation library if it has been published to the content exchange.

  1. Select Automations > Dashboards.
  2. To view the list of dashboards that are available for import, click Global Library.
  3. Find the dashboard and click Import.
    The dependencies window opens. Follow the instructions in the previous procedure to resolve dependencies and complete the import. When the import is complete, the dashboard is available for selection on the Dashboards page.

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