Create a Dashboard Widget from a Playbook Step

You can create a dashboard widget directly from a playbook step in the playbook editor. The widget you create displays data based on the results of the step.

To create a dashboard widget from a playbook step:

  1. Create a playbook in Easy Mode edit an existing one.
  2. In the playbook editor, hover over the step, click ..., and select Create dashboard widget.

The Add Widget dialog box opens.

  1. The data source is pre-selected as the playbook step. To change the data source, click the Edit icon and then select the data source, as follows:
  • Playbook: Select the playbook, node, and time range.
  • Stream: Select the stream and node from the stream.
  • File: Specify a CSV or JSON file as URL or file upload.
  1. Configure the widget type and content as described in Create a dashboard.
  2. Click Choose Dashboard and select one or more dashboards to which you want to add the widget to.
  3. Click Add to add the new widget to the specified dashboards.

The widget takes a while to add to the specified dashboard. Once it is added a successful message appears.

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