Authorize Slack Channel

LogicHub provides the ability to enable or disable the Slack Channel via feature flag handled by the administrators.



Contact your customer success team to enable Slack.

By default, Slack will be enabled in the LogicHub product. If your organization is not using Slack, contact the LogicHub administrator to disable this feature.

To establish a connection between LogicHub and Slack:

  1. Go to Settings > Case Settings > Slack Integration.
  2. Click Enable Slack for LogicHub.
  1. Click Continue.
  1. Sign in to your workspace. Enter your workspace slack URL and click Continue.
  1. Enter the Authentication Code and click Next.
  2. In the 'LogicHub Cases is requesting permission to access the logichub Slack workspace', click Allow.
  1. In the Slack Permissions page, click Allow.
  1. Slack is now enabled via the Case Settings page.

Authorize Slack in Cases

Case Management provides the ability to connect to the Slack channel option in cases.

To view Slack in cases:

  1. Go to Case Management > Cases.
  2. Click any of the cases that you want to connect to a Slack channel.
  1. Click Connect to the Slack channel. In the pop-up window, the channel name will be displayed as the case title name by default, you can choose to edit the name of the channel and click Done.

You are now connected to the Slack channel with the assigned name. You can add your comments from the case or switch to the Slack channel. The comments can be viewed in real-time.

All the comments related to this case can be viewed in the newly created Slack channel.

  1. Click Disconnect to stop receiving messages on the Slack channel.

View Slack Enabled Cases

In the Case Settings page, click View Slack enabled cases to view the cases that are linked to the Slack channel. This shows the cases that are connected to the slack channel.

You can disable Slack for cases from the case settings page using the toggle button.

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