Create User Groups

User groups allow you to share content with selected sets of users and to assign cases and case tasks to multiple users at once. You can assign users to a group when creating or editing the group or when adding or editing the user account.

Note: To create user groups, you must already be assigned to a group that has User Management permission.

  1. Select Settings > Users on the side menu.
  2. Open the Groups tab.
  3. Select New Group.
  4. Enter a name to identify the group.
  5. Click the Add Users field and select the users to add to the group. To remove a user, hover over the name and click X.
  6. To determine group permissions, click the Assign Permissions field and select one or more entity permission sets. To remove a selection, hover over the entry and click X. Then select the level of permission for each set:
    • List. View the list of entities of the selected type.
    • Create. Add or edit entities of this type.
    • Admin. Perform all functions for entities of this type.
  7. Click Save.

To edit a group, select the More icon and (...) click Edit. To delete groups, select checkboxes and click Delete.

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