Manage Playbook Versions

Playbook versioning helps you keep track of all the changes that you make to your playbooks and allows you to view and return to previous versions of the same playbook. You can also choose which version of your playbook to publish for use in streams.

To manage playbook versions, create or edit a playbook in Advanced Mode. In the playbook designer, click Version.

The Playbook Version panel opens on the right. Each entry in the Playbook Version panel includes a version number and a summary of the associated action. A pagination control just below the version list allows you to view earlier versions, back to the version where the playbook was originally created.
To hide the Playbook Version panel, click on Version again.

Each time you make a change to your playbook, a new version is created. Click the Refresh icon to redisplay the Playbook Version panel to include an entry for the new version.

Previous Versions

To view the previous version of the playbook, select from the version list on the right pane. The version that was modified and saved will be displayed in the main panel.

Latest Versions

You can edit only the latest version of your playbook; all other versions are view-only.

By default, the version with the most recent changes is set as the latest. If you want to edit another version, you must set it as the latest. For example, you might want to a set different version as the latest if you made a mistake in your playbook or change your mind and want to undo some recent changes. Hover over the previous version in the list and click Set As Latest. A new version entry is created with the label ‘Reverted to version N’. That version is now considered to be the current one and is editable.

Publish a Version

By default, all running streams use the latest version of a playbook if the playbook doesn't have a published version.

To create a stream using a different version, publish that version instead. For example, your playbook might have multiple components with different major tasks. If you want to create a stream for only one of the major tasks, you can publish the version that includes the design for only that task.

To publish an earlier version, hover over the entry and click Publish. The entry is marked as published and used when you create a stream from the playbook.

After you click Publish, the version will show Published.

If you now publish another version, the version that was previously published is listed as ‘Previously Published’.



You cannot publish versions that are earlier than the currently published version. If you need to publish an earlier version, first set it to be the latest.

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